Family Ties & Flooded Eyes (Remastered)

by Featherweight

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    Featherweight's first studio demo ever.

    Recorded on Valentines Day, 2010.

    Remastered in November 2010 by Zach.

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Featherweight's first studio demo ever. It's really messy and we don't really sound like this anymore, and we only play a couple of the songs live.

Recorded on Valentines Day, 2010.

Remastered in November 2010 by Zach.


released November 17, 2010

On this record, Featherweight is:
Tim Altieri - Guitar
Sean Ahern - Vocals
Zach Weeks - Drums
Vic Neirinckx - Bass
Julia Ernest - Guitar

Lyrics written by Sean Ahern.
All songs written by Featherweight.

Recorded at Side Two Studio, Boston, MA by Ryan Abbott on Valentine's Day, 2010

Guest vocals - Jimmy Jacobs
Support - Farrell Murphy, Franko Kosic, Jackie Fulton
Weightlifter - Isaac Lucken

Art layout by Zach




Featherweight Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Lighthouse
And if it’s possible, let me see you one last time before the month fade to darkness and autumn turns to winter. To feel your face on my chest, your velvet coat against my flesh, the smell of smoked cigarettes and a hidden habit. To grasp your face between my hands and warm your cheeks with my thumbs while your reddened nose shines bright with a persistent cold.
With that you would fade, as the homes cast their final shade, you would flutter and crunch to orange dust and your pieces would be thrown with a gust. The tears begin as soon as your gone, because I’m once again hooked on your spirit in the autumn air.
Track Name: Fog Horn
Growing up with you was growing up at the mercy of a coin toss; a child walking on egg shells, never knowing when the violent fury would come to escape the mind-quake of anxiety. For a decade, I was a prisoner to my nest in a sick attempt to rest.
Through a life without support and twisted affection, to quickly turn in a different direction. There was that night you told me to leave, you shrieked and told me you couldn’t stand me, I grabbed my clothes and walked out the door.
Hardly believing your wavering moods had boiled to that extreme and just as I had taken a piece of you, you’ve left your mark on me. Another kid in the world only knowing fear-stained love, destined to never feel at home wherever I may rest.
Track Name: High Tide
This wretched rain-soaked city will be my death. I’m destined to walk these streets until I give my last breath. My blood is the tar, my body these run-down houses. As the street lights flicker on, my chains to them become more strong. Just walking is all that there is left to do, down the same streets, past the same people who don’t have a fucking clue.
The cracks in the cement mark my countless faults, only this relentless wind is pushing me on. I can’t help but think how to escape this vault. The restraints of suburban life with its new hair-dos, supermarket cues, and full yet empty church pews. The blocks have me worn.
Track Name: Receding
I need to get out, because it’s Boston in the fall that reminds me of you. With every breath of air I take, my lungs fill with your voice, your smell, your taste. Through the deafening crunch of the leaves, the blinding colors in the trees, I’m stuck with the image of you.
Track Name: Low Tide
A curse of my paternal branch rooted down through the Irish clan, even if I dawned his very skin I doubt he could look at his own eyes, even through a mirror for the fear of a single fleeting thought of doubt in his own self-righteous life.
I won’t budge and I can’t move, all I can do is sink deeper. His shout a whip crack, neck snap, backlash, with a vengeance and spirit to break. From his father’s temper, the scars won’t fade, caught in the destructive loop with his eyes carrying the weight, pushing it on to another generation, only to be repeated by a hopeless son.
How can one begin to love when his father’s unlove can never be won and must become his own.